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Re: [patch] kill process after a timeout

On Sunday 29 January 2006 14:38, Sam Lawrance wrote:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~lawrance/patch-rc.subr
> This patch adds the ${name}_stop_timeout variable.  When set, rather
> than simply wait on the PIDS after sending a -TERM signal, they will
> be kill -9'ed after the specified timeout in seconds.
> For example, with a tomcat script I'm working on, I set
> jakarta_tomcat41_stop_timeout=10, then
> # sh tomcat41.sh forcestop
> Stopping jakarta_tomcat41.
> Waiting (max 10 secs) for PIDS: 42864, 42864, 42864, 42864, 42864.
> I need to do something like this anyway with the tomcat rc scripts, I
> figure it might be a useful addition to rc.subr.
> Thoughts?

Looks good to me. But I wondered if we really have cases where we don't want 
to wait with some timeout. I guess I would have modified wait_for_pid to take 
$name_stop_timeout as a new argument (defaulting to 10, for example) instead 
of copying wait_for_pid to a new function.

My 0.02$ :)

Florent Thoumie
FreeBSD Committer

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