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FreeBSD Project News
  • New committer: Antoine Brodin (src)
  • New committer: Oleksandr Tymoshenko (src)
  • FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE Available
  • 6 New RSS 2.0 Feeds Available
  • DesktopBSD 1.6 is released.
  • New committer: Wesley Shields (ports)
  • FreeBSD 6.3-RC2 Available
  • FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 Available
  • New committer: Weongyo Jeong (src)
  • New committer: Rafal Jaworowski (src)
  • NetBSD.org News
  • New Developers
  • Waving the flag: NetBSD developers speak about NetBSD 4.0
  • Joachim Schueth: beating the Colossus code breaking machine
  • pkgsrc-2007Q4 released
  • Hackathon 9 focussed on closing PRs
  • New Developers
  • NetBSD 4.0 released
  • DragonFly BSD Digest
  • 2.0 release dated
  • Mobile device users, unite!
  • New MTA: dma
  • Encrypted file systems of the future
  • rsync vs. cvsup
  • ?mirror?program available
  • bthcid, btpin, and rfcomm_sppd added
  • Old ][ nostalgia
  • Libevent update
  • vnconfig gets lists, and world gets a rebuild
  • PC-BSD: The First 30 Days
  • PC-BSD revisited
  • PC-BSD 1.4RC now available!
  • Kubuntu v.s. PC-BSD
  • BSDTalk Interviews Kris Moore About Upcoming PC-BSD 1.4
  • The INQ takes a dip into open sauce
  • PC-BSD 1.4 BETA Released!
  • 24-Hour Test Drive: PC-BSD
  • iXsystems Acquires BSD Mall
  • Logomark contest
  • PC-BSD 1.3.4 Review
  • Opening the Unix Desktop to Web Developers
  • Choose your mascot!
  • PC-BSD Announces Redistribution Agreement with Adobe Systems
  • PC-BSD Team Announces Availability of Triweekly Snapshot for Test
  • OpenBSD Journal
    OpenBSD Journal
  • OpenBSD home projects revisited
  • New Ports of the Week #5 (February 2)
  • Softraid experiences with OpenBSD 4.2-current
  • snmpd(8) enabled in -current, please help testing
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