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Re: binup project

On Friday 07 March 2003 03:15, you wrote:
> On 2003.03.06 14:59:00 +0200, Michael Spector wrote:
> > Can anybody say me what is the status of this project?
> I don't think anybody are actively working on the project at the moment.
> A few months ago I started a development document but I have not gotten
> much further since I stranded on how to deal with a few issues (mainly
> handling of version numbers and patches).
> > Is this possible to participate?
> Certainly - anything to get things going would be very helpful.
> I think the current code should be replaced with something based on
> HTTP, but I don't know what other people on the lists things about that.

What do you think about this scheme:

Server side:
Webserver (Apache), database (MySQL).
Server can be written in PHP (easy to implement interraction with DB,
more secure, easy to maintain, use of HTTP(S) protocol)

Client side:
Whatever (C program)

Interraction scheme:

   Client                                      			 Server                                    DB
   -------                                      			--------                                    -----
1)        --> GET list?rel=4.7p3&... 	----------------->	                                                             (request the list of packages for release 4.7p3)
                                                                                --->   SELECT FROM ... ---->
                                                                                <---    (result)    <--------------
         <---  list.txt (in some format) <-----------------

2) (calculations: create list of
     needed updates)

3)  foreach $update {
          -----------> GET package ------------------->
          <--------- package retreival ------------------

Server can hold cache of most requested files. If file doesn't exist on the server it can return redirection to another server.

This is my suggestion (without going into details). If you find this tempting, I would like to help with developement.

With best regards, Michael Spector
Tel: 972-(0)54840565

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