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Re: binup project

On 2003.03.09 14:48:55 +0200, Michael Spector wrote:

> This is my suggestion (without going into details). If you find this
> tempting, I would like to help with developement.
This is basically what I had thought of (and outlined in my binup document).
I prefer postgresql but that mainly a matter of taste :).

The more complicated part is (as I see it) handling updates between
major/minor versions (4.7 -> 4.8) and external packages... That could of
course be handled by not supporting it initially.

I think the binup transport code (that find/fetched) the updates should
rather independent of the packages/patches being transported to allow
support for FreeBSD packages (.tgz), libh, Colin Percival's patches and
so on.

I think the first thing to do make a more complete description of the
client/server "protocol" since different persons then can start
seperatly on the client and the server. If you are interested in looking
at the server part I would be happy to look at the client.

Simon L. Nielsen

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