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Re: BT LAN connection with Symbian phones

On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Dmitry Dyomin wrote:

I've got this in /var/log/messages:

Dec 13 21:36:22 home kernel: ng_ubt_rcvdata: ubt0 - Dropping HCI frame 0x1, len=124. Queue full

Unfortunately I have to ask for help with this issue once again.

I established the connection without any problems after trying gnubox.
I tested it by pointing the phone's opera to the local apache server, I got
fine results and actually thought everything was just perfect.

Still when I tried to access the page bigger than just 404 apache error
page (which I tried first), I got the same 'Queue full' stuff like above.
The connection was dropped after these errors.

I tried to find the way out myself, but in vain.

Is there any way to increase net.bluetooth.hci.sockets.raw.queue_maxlen or
whatever is controlling the queue length?
Maybe some other workarounds you could suggest?

Thank you.