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Re: BT LAN connection with Symbian phones

Dmitry Dyomin wrote:
On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Dmitry Dyomin wrote:

I've got this in /var/log/messages:

Dec 13 21:36:22 home kernel: ng_ubt_rcvdata: ubt0 - Dropping HCI frame 0x1, len=124. Queue full

Unfortunately I have to ask for help with this issue once again.

I established the connection without any problems after trying gnubox.
I tested it by pointing the phone's opera to the local apache server, I got
fine results and actually thought everything was just perfect.

Still when I tried to access the page bigger than just 404 apache error
page (which I tried first), I got the same 'Queue full' stuff like above.
The connection was dropped after these errors.

how fast is you freebsd machine? are you running with debugging options enabled (i.e. witness etc.)?

I tried to find the way out myself, but in vain.

Is there any way to increase net.bluetooth.hci.sockets.raw.queue_maxlen or
whatever is controlling the queue length?
Maybe some other workarounds you could suggest?

# ngctl msg ubt0: set_qlen "{ queue=2 qlen=50 }"
# ngctl status ubt0:

queue=1 means CMD (command) queue
queue=2 means ACL queue
queue=3 means SCO queue