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Re: Hiding some directories


on 01/12/2006 02:33 AM Jonathan Noack said the following:
>>  >> Is there a way to hide some directories besides CVSROOT?
>>  >
>>  > See the @ForbiddenFiles array in cvsweb.conf.
>> Thanks, that is what I am looking for.
>> BTW, I am not familiar enough with Perl. Although I was able to
>> configure that array to forbid all directories that I did not want, I
>> wonder if is there a way to specify in that array just a few top level
>> directories that I want.
> How about an @AllowedFiles list that only displays files and directories
> that match?  See attached patches for cvsweb.cgi and cvsweb.conf.

Great it works as intended. I had to use an entry like  qr|^x(/\|$)|o so
directory x and its contents are accepted but not xy directory . It is a
bit cryptic but it works. Thank you again.


Manuel Lemos

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